The thought of an interview makes us all uneasy, but there’s no need for you to work yourself up, just remember these pointers we’ve put together and you’ll ace the interview.

  1. Always research the company; this gives you background knowledge as to why you’d like to work for them. Think of what you can bring to the team, it’s key to show interest in the company you may possibly be working for.
  2. Let your personality shine through, be enthusiastic as it’s an excellent attribute to bring to a team.
  3. Always get to the interview with time to spare, this way you won’t need to worry and lose concentration on the interview preparation
  4. Present yourself well, dress appropriately for the role. If you’re not sure you can always email beforehand to check. Wear your best shoes, it’ll give a very good first impression
  5. One thing to always remember is that the person interviewing you is also human, just like you so try to relax.
  6. Practice a firm hand shake for before and after your interview.
  7. Prepare for the biggest weakness question. When an employer asks this it’s not to catch you out, it’s a question to see how you’ve overcome a challenge or weakness.
  8. You can always ask for feedback if you don’t get the job. This way you know what to work on for your next interview.
  9. One thing you need to remember is “what’s the worst that can happen”, put into perspective the interview is experience, and it’s your chance to show who you are and why you’d like to work there. Worst case scenario you won’t be suitable for the role.
  10. Don’t talk negatively about previous employers you’ve worked with, this will put doubt in an interviewers mind about your attitude towards the company and team. Always talk about the positive elements of the previous roles, for example the experience and skills you’ve gained.

Good Luck!

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