When Ryan first joined Itec on the Traineeship programme in July 2013 he struggled with personal issues that made it very difficult for him to hold down a job. However, through sheer willpower and with support from his tutor he broke out of this downward spiral and sought a chance to prove himself.

In February 2014 he progressed onto the Level 1 Customer Service programme and secured a place at the Eden Centre, an indoor active children’s play area in Aberbeeg, Blaenau Gwent. He impressed his employer Peter Jones to the extent that he was offered a Jobs Growth Wales position after his traineeship placement ended.

He has recently been promoted to a supervisor position, taking on further new responsibilities, he says “I’ve recently been promoted to supervisor so it’s my jobs to make sure everything’s ready for when the day starts, let everyone know what position they’re working when they come in and when their breaks are.”

Peter Jones, owner of the Eden Centre says:“Ryan believed that he could never hold down a job because he had been told that he would never be anything or could never accomplish anything, which massively affected his confidence and lifestyle choices; but I believed that Ryan had and has massive potential, all he needed was a chance. Ryan made a decision to try and with hard work and determination he has succeeded in this transformation.”

“Through completing the Jobs Growth Wales scheme, Ryan has faced many challenges, academically he had had to work hard and at times struggled but support from Itec he has completed his course and made great achievements.”

“Ryan is a valued member of the team; he would be an asset to any company as he is now confident, well-mannered, smart, hardworking and gets on well with his peers and customers.”

Ryan is grateful for the chances he’s been given “Thanks to the opportunity I have been given by the owner of the Eden Centre and the support and encouragement I have had from Itec, my confidence is through the roof. I am getting much more value out of life.”

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