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ITEC's Terry Adams at EE Merthyr Tydfil with Dave Williams

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More than 80 employees at digital communications company EE’s Merthyr offices are to undertake work-based apprenticeships as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to developing its staff and improving customer service standards.

The apprenticeships, which will be delivered by one of Wales’s largest providers of skills and employment services, ITEC, are being offered as part of EE’s internal workforce development programme for existing employees.

To date, 80 members of staff have signed up to the programme, and a further 20 are expected to enrol onto the scheme later this month.

The programme has been specially tailored by ITEC to promote career progression for all learners, from operatives through to team leaders and the management team. Apprenticeships are being offered in a range of different subjects, from customer services to management.

Staff will carry out their apprenticeships within working hours, and the schemes will last between 12 to 18 months, depending on the level of the qualification being studied.

This new contract with EE has also allowed ITEC to create two new full-time positions on its team. The two assessors, who are specialists in customer service, management and team leadership, will be based at EE’s Merthyr office to monitor the apprentices’ progress.

Development director at ITEC Training Solutions, Joel Williams, said this partnership with EE illustrated just how flexible apprenticeships could be.

“At ITEC, we can tailor our apprenticeships for all sorts of organisations, from large businesses to SMEs, allowing them to align the apprenticeships with their own internal induction and training schemes. This is exactly what we have done with EE and the interest and uptake from their staff has already been really positive.

“It is encouraging to work with a company that is so committed to investing in its workforce and appreciates the wide range of benefits that apprenticeships and work-based learning can bring to an organisation.”

EE Senior Operations Manager, Alison McCarthy, said: “Working with ITEC, we will be able to offer our staff opportunities to develop their customer service and management skills, while also gaining recognised qualifications.

“We hope that by showing this commitment to our employees’ career development, we can further increase staff retention and productivity, while also showing potential new recruits that EE is a desirable place to work. We are very pleased with the interest shown so far and are confident that even more staff will sign up to the programme over the coming months.”

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