Work Placements

Give something back

We can work with you to offer a young person a chance to gain valuable employability skills.

This can also be a way of trialling a young person for a proposed job in your company and contribute to your strategy.  Itec will ensure that you are matched with an individual that has aspirations to secure a job in your sector and are therefore, focused and in most cases working towards a relevant qualification.

There are a number of proven benefits including:

  • No cost to your business
  • Add new skills to your workforce
  • Give a young person an opportunity to gain valuable experience
  • Flexibility to meet your business needs

Many of the businesses that we work with have gone on to offer the individual a paid position and have reported positively on the impact of bringing in ‘new blood’. Although this is an ideal progression for the individual on placement you are under no obligation to employ them at the end of their placement.

Interested in Work Placements?